TT Power Plans

What’s a Best Bike Split Power Plan?

I use the BBS app as it allows us to take advantage of advanced mathematical modelling to predict what power output you need to reach a goal time. We can also use it in training so we can work out specific targets for you – great for trying out a power plan before using it in a race. We can also predict what gains would be made with improving your fitness or aerodynamics. Yes, lots of maths, but better times in your TT!

First, we need details of your bike model and stats such as wheel type, tyre width, tube type all the way up to the obvious we need to know what your functional threshold power, (FTP), is! We can load in courses, (these can be pre-existing GPX files) and BBS calculates what time you can expect to complete your course in. More advanced metrics such as weather predictions, yaw angle distribution and a gradient chart are also taken into account. Finally, I can send you the links to download the Race Plan to use live with your Garmin or Wahoo etc. or print a ‘Cheat Sheet’ on to your stem or top tube if you prefer.

Please contact me below if you would like more info…