What equipment do I need?

At the least a bike! After that it depends on your budget and aims. A heart rate monitor is useful as is an indoor trainer, (a Turbo), especially if you live somewhere with inclement weather, but they are not essential. Power meters are a great training tool; however we will work with what you have got.

Where do I log my training?

We use TrainingPeaks to deliver your personal training plans. You can view your prescribed training, upload the completed Workouts and provide feedback. TrainingPeaks also offer a mobile phone App, so communication on workouts, can be given easily. Also, workouts can be downloaded to your cycling computer too.

I can’t do todays workout, what do I do?

These things happen and we’ll try to accommodate you, just let us know.

What type of goal do I need?

That’s up to you, however we’re happy to talk it through with you. You may just want to get fitter or it may be that you want to increase your Functional Threshold Power, (FTP). Perhaps you have an area of weakness in your power profile. Setting a goal is important! We’ll work with you to establish a realistic goal that we can work towards, together.

Do I need to lift weights?

Ferguson’s Coaching offer advice on weightlifting and it’s benefits, but it’s not mandatory!

How much does the coaching cost?

Ferguson’s Coaching offer a number of services, details of which are on the Pricing & Service Levels page on our website.

Which package is best for me?

This all depends on the level of day to day contact you want with your coach and how much analysis and support you require, i.e. strength and conditioning support. Feel free to contact us for an informal chat about the best package for you.